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Jam Monster

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Apple l Sweet and tangy green apple jam with buttery toast

Apricot | Apricot jam spread on top of buttered toast. 

Banana | Banana jam with a creamy butter and toast.

Blueberry l Prominent blueberry jam balanced with creamy butter and toast 

Strawberry l The perfect balance of strawberry jam, butter and toast 

Grape | Grape Jam Plus Butter 

Raspberry | Raspberry + Butter + Toast 

Peach | Buttered toast topped with peach jam spread.

PB & Jam | Freshly buttered piece of toast topped with peanut butter and sweet grape jam. 

PB & Jam - Banana | Freshly buttered piece of toast topped with peanut butter and banana jam.

PB & Jam - Strawberry | Freshly buttered piece of toast topped with peanut butter and sweet strawberry jam. 

Blackberry | Ripe, fresh blackberries right from nature are painstakingly turned into a delicious, sweet, flavorful preserve 

Mixed Berry | Blackberry, Strawberry, Blueberry, Jam 

Strawmelon Apple | Strawmelon Apple is a satisfying fusion of fruits and refreshing menthol. You'll feel like you're on a tropical beach as hints of strawberry, watermelon, apple and mint flavors take turns exciting your taste buds.



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