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Flow - Pineapples, Guavas, and Mangoes that is perfectly blended.Flow Ice - Pineapples, Guavas, and Mangoes that is perfectly blended with Menthol.Pure - Strawberries, Apple, Watermelon mixed to make your mouth...
Flow - Pineapples, Guavas, and Mangoes that is perfectly blended.
Flow Ice - Pineapples, Guavas, and Mangoes that is perfectly blended with Menthol.
Pure - Strawberries, Apple, Watermelon mixed to make your mouth water.
Pure Ice - Strawberries, Apple, Watermelon mixed with Menthol to make your mouth water.
Rainbow Drops - The perfect balance of candy strawberry, grape, green apple, orange, and lemon; you won't be able to get enough!
Swell (Sour Melon) -  A perfect blend of juicy, sweet, and sour straight from a watermelon patch.

Mist - An extraordinary blend of summer-ripened fruits featuring prominent tones of Green Apple, juicy Pear, and the exotic taste of Kiwi.
Mist Ice - Is the lightly cooled variant of their complex blend of New Zealand kiwis, luscious Georgian peaches, and fresh green apples to create a fruity blend chased with a refreshing icy menthol.
Oasis - Is a fruity e-liquid brilliantly crafted for those with exquisite tastes, mixing together papaya, cantaloupe, and ripened peaches for the ultimate juice flavor.
Oasis Ice - Is wonderful blend of juice crafted using your favorite orange colored fruits, such as papayas, cantaloupes, and sun-kissed peaches, offering an uplifting and tropical vaping experience.
American Red - An e-liquid that embraces all the bold, natural, and full-bodied flavors of smooth American tobacco.
Cyclone - A cyclone of fruity cereal twisted and turned into a delicious milk flavor.
Gold - A perfect blend of vanilla custard and tobacco.
Lush - A lush and delicious combination of lemon and cream round out the characteristics for this Aqua Cream flavor.
Momentum - A full edged mouth watering mango vape that never stops bringing that juicy, sweet, and delectable mango flavor. Meticulously tested and developed to be the perfect mango flavored e-liquid without any hint of harshness or overly sweet taste.
New Menthol - A satisfying blast of minty, fresh, cool notes that compliments the bold tobacco flavor.
Rush - Sweet Airy Berries. The infamous blue raspberry becomes the third featured flavor in the Aqua Sweets line. With an unapologetic sweetness that's filled with the highest quality blue raspberry flavor. Blue Razz will satisfy and indulge any candy craving.
Surge - Strawberry milk is the featured flavor profile but it can be said that it is a flavor surging with the combination of creamy sweet goodness of the classic strawberry milk flavor.
Vortex - A vortex of complex and distinctive flavors. A sweet creamy vanilla graham custard with the subtle sweetness of honey and cinnamon sugar from the graham cracker.
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