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HELP! My Battery won't turn on?!

Try clicking the "fire" button 3 to 5 times fast, this is how most mods/ego style batteries turn on and off. The light should blink to indicate that it is now set to "on". You're welcome ;)

My Juice tastes really burnt...

Change your coil, and make sure it sits in liquid for a minute or two before you start vaping it. It also helps to drip a few drops onto the wick to ensure it’s saturated enough.

My tank is LEAKING EVERYWHERE, what did I do wrong?

While this is a common question, there isn't only one answer, as it could be a number of things. First check that there are no cracks in the tanks, all of your O-ring seals are present and tight, and that the coil head is placed properly, and securely in its threaded nesting, and that the wick inside is still there. If all those factors check out, then step two is to clean out the tank and coil-base with water, washing out any juice that may be sitting in seals and cracks. Step 3 is to put the tank back to together and try it out, if it is still "flooding", then take lighter pulls, with much less suction. The reason most tanks flood is because you are creating too much suction, and forcing more juice into the wick than it can handle, thus it needs to relieve the pressure by escaping out the bottom and the mouth piece.

My battery is on, and the light is glowing when I press the button, but no vapor is coming out. (Check atomizer message)

What this means is that your coil isn’t making contact with your battery. To fix this, there is a small metal pin on the very bottom of your coil that can be pulled out a few millimeters (be careful not to pull it out all the way). Pulling this out ensure contact from the base to the coil. Next, take a knife or flathead screwdriver and pry up the circular plate on the top of the battery inside the 510 threads by a few millimeters. This ensures contact between the battery and the tank base. Thus both of these should fix the issue. If it does not, try replacing your coil for a brand new one.

My battery rattles inside my mech mod, and it's bothering me.

Ensure that the pins inside the mod (firing pin if adjustable), and the top pin are spun down enough to make contact with your battery so that when the tubes are connected, the battery is securely in place (but not over-tightened). If your pins are just a LITTLE bit too short to do so, try backing out the 510 pin on your RDA a turn or two and then adjust your pins accordingly. 

My mod is getting really HOT and won’t work!?

Check that your battery is placed inside the mod positive side up (unless it is a box mod that uses series wiring). Double check your connections to make sure that a full contact circuit is being made. Any gaps in contact will mean a short and thus your mod and battery will become very hot.



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